Eco-friendly ways to get rid of basement smell after water removal

Sitting water and mold can cause serious health issues as well as a foul odor in your home. There are multiple eco-friendly household items that you can use rather than using harsh chemicals. Here is a list of those items below.


Vinegar is a great substance to use for the heavy smell it puts off. If you pour the vinegar on the floor and on the areas that had severe mold growth, the vinegar will eliminate the foul odor after a short time.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent adsorbent. If you pour baking soda over the affected area, the baking soda will soak up the foul odor. It is easy to sweep up and remove the baking soda. Mopping afterward with a natural soap and water is always beneficial after using a powder substance.

Soap and Water

Don’t underestimate the power of plain natural scented soap and water. You can use soap and water to scrub the entire area where the water was sitting or the mold was growing. You may have to change the soap and water depending on the size of the area or the harshness of the smell. 

Lemon Juice

A lemon juice solution, which is made of water and the juice from a fresh lemon, is sprayed on the walls and floors to eliminate the smell. You can control the level of smell by how much water you add to the solution. 

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