Effects of water in the basement

After a heavy rainstorm, it is important to check your basement right away. Water may pool on the floor and cause extensive damage. Insurance may help if you find the problem right away, but if damage happens from leaving the water there for weeks or longer, you may be on the hook for all the damage. 

As soon as you find water in your basement, it is time for water damage remediation. The sooner you handle the problem, the less money it will cost to fix and repair and the sooner you can get your basement back in good shape. 

Why Should I Remove Sitting Water in My Basement?

Sitting water can have negative effects on your home. There is a small amount of acid found in rainwater and when this sits on your basement floor, it can cause erosion. This erosion may continue along the floor and up the walls.  

Even basements with wood instead of concrete can experience damage. Water is able to rot through wood and timber and the extra moisture in the basement can cause problems too. 

If possible, you should prevent water from getting into your basement. If it is too late and water is already there, then it is time to remove it as soon as possible. 

Electrical Problems 

If water gets into your basement and gets around your electricity, the problems can get worse. Water is never a good thing around electrical devices and without proper water damage remediation, your furnace and air conditioning system will get ruined. Electric currents flowing through the water can also lead to electrocution. Prompt water removal is the best option for you.

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